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New Report on Asthma Rates in AI/AN Population – Regional Data

New report issued on asthma rates among AI/AN population. Report is specific to Washington, but with little aggregate data, regionally or nationally, any data on asthma morbidity and mortality rates is valuable.

The findings point to the profound disparities in tribal communities and to the need for continuous and diligent work around the environmental exposures that factor in respiratory disease induction and exacerbation.

  • The asthma rate of AI/AN people in WA is nearly double that of the general population.
  • AI/AN have a higher prevalence of asthma at every income level, with nearly one-quarter of low-income AI/AN adults having asthma.
  • The ten year combined asthma death rate of AI/AN is two times higher than the general population.


Full Report from Washington State Department of Health (PDF)

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