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July 7, 2022 - No Comments!

3M Lead Check Swab

  • Detects lead on most surfaces within 30 seconds
  • It is EPA recognized
  • Simple to use: just crush, shake and swab. RED MEANS LEAD!
  • Swabs are non-toxic, odorless, disposable and non-staining
  • Test confirmation card to verify results in every kit
  • Contains 48 ready-to-use disposable swabs that turn red when lead is found
  • EPA recognized on painted wood, metal, plaster or drywall
  • Detects lead down to 600 ppm
  • Test confirmation card to verify results in every kit
  • Contains 48 ready-to-use disposable swabs that turn red when lead is found

June 27, 2022 - No Comments!

AMTAST Digital MD814 Wood Moisture Meter Tester

  • [Inductive & Pinless] Non-invasive and non-marring. Adopting HF electromagnetic waves to measure without damaging the object you test
  • [High Precision] Optional 10 different grades of timber density 4%~80% Maximum Error (1% Rh + 0.5)
  • [Auto Off Function] Ultra large LCD ensures clear readings low voltage prompt will auto shut off within 5 mins if no use.
  • [Calibration Indication] Endows zero calibration prompt temperature calibration prompt ATC overrunning prompt
  • [100% Guarantee] 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, 12-Month Replacement Warranty and Lifetime Support Guarantee.
  • Batteries are not included

July 7, 2022 - No Comments!

GALAFIRE Magnetic Stove Thermometer

  • [ Updated Design ] New Designed magnetic wood stove thermometer, easier to read the temperature.
  • [ Exclusive White Needle ] The bright color needle moving is clearly visible even from far away.
  • [ Accurate Temperature Reading ] Face reads 100 to 800 °F with extreme accuracy.
  • [ Monitor & Optimize Stove Efficiency ] Can be placed on the top or side of stove, single wall flue pipe ONLY, to avoid the wood stove fan damaged by overheat.

June 27, 2022 - No Comments!


  • AcuRite Digital Hygrometer & Indoor Thermometer
  • Temperature and humidity readings
  • Mount indoors or outdoors
  • Hang on screw or nail
  • Secret key hider compartment on back to store spare key

July 11, 2022 - No Comments!

Indoor Air Sensor

  • 【A 7-in-1 Multifunction Air Quality Monitor】Air Monitor Lite tests 5 major factors of the indoor air quality: CO2, PM2.5, PM10, PM1.0, Temperature, Humidity, and AQI. By knowing the real-time air quality, you can turn on the air purifier or open the window when needed. Any question about the product please let us know via email, we will provide remote supports.
  • 【Support and Mobile Phone Connection】As this is a Wi-Fi device (ONLY works with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi),The application we adopted is the most advanced graffiti intelligence technology in the market. You can monitor you in real time after you connect your phone and our tester. Use the graffiti monitoring software to remotely check 5 indicators. Automation can trigger (from PM2.5 and PM10) or advanced CO2 calculations on the aggregated "air quality" metric.

July 7, 2022 - No Comments!

Kidde Carbon Monoxide Detector

  • CO detector with alert modes & 2 LED lights that pulse for power & CO detection
  • Electrochemical sensing technology - CO alarm detects the presence of carbon monoxide gas, 85 decibel alarm
  • Protects during a power failure - CO detector operates on 3-AA batteries.

July 7, 2022 - No Comments!

LiBa Spray Bottle (16 Oz)

  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL BLISS- Liba's 16oz lightweight spray bottles are semi-opaque and come equipped with an adjustable spray nozzle, making them perfect to use for various household, pet, cleaning, and beauty purposes. Decant your favorite solutions or create your own cleaners, linen spray, hair treatment, pet spray, beauty recipes & more. Easy to refill, the options are limitless!
  • DUAL SPRAY FUNCTIONS- Adjustable spray nozzle allows for 3 different modes- off, full mist, and a targeted jet spray. Turn the nozzle to your preferred spray setting. The extended suction tube allows you to get every last drop and ensures you spend less time refilling, and more time spraying.
  • LEAK & CLOG PROOF- Are you tired of every spray bottle clogging, and losing the ability to properly mist or spray after only a few uses? Our spray bottles were designed with a durably constructed polypropylene spray head, supported by a rustproof plastic spring and precision valve and piston for an easy leak & clog-free experience every single time.

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MERV 13 Filter (2 Pack)

  • 20x20x1 MERV 13 air filter replacement for your air conditioner, furnace or HVAC system. Actual Size: 19 11/16’’ x 19 11/16’’ x 3/4‘’. Comparable with MPR 1500-1900 & FPR 10. Electrostatically charged filter media with industry leading low air flow resistance.
  • CAPTURES MICROSCOPIC PARTICLES - The BNX air filter has a MERV 13 rating allowing it to capture 93% of microscopic airborne particles (3-10 um) without impacting air flow. Captures microscopic particles such as virus-carriers, bacteria, odors, smoke, and pollen, pet dander, allergens, dust, lint, mold, dust mites, smog.

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MR.SIGA Heavy Duty Cellulose Scrub Sponge (2 Sponges)

  • HEAVY DUTY. Consist of 2 layers - green scrubbing layer and yellow scratch free cellulose sponge layer. Powerful scrubbing side helps tackle tough stains, effectively removes stubborn dirt, the non-abrasive yellow cellulose sponge wipes away dirt and particles, can be used with dishwashing liquid if preferred.
  • DURABLE & LONG LASTING. MR.SIGA scrub sponge are made to last, they maintain the shape well and do not fall apart or crack easily like regular sponges, and last a long time even when scrubbing tough burned food. So scrub, wipe and clean with MR.SIGA cleaning sponges confidently.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE CLEANING. Perfect for cleaning more than dishes, pots, pans, but also ideal for sinks, stoves, bathroom and any household cleaning kit effectively, keep your kitchen and bathroom sparkling clean. Comes with 12-pack, each 6-piece sponges are packed in a bag.

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MR.SIGA Heavy Duty Scrub Brush

  • MR.SIGA heavy duty scrub brush is great for cleaning bathroom, kitchen, tiles, garage, bristles are firm enough to stand up after sustained use, efficiently clean dirts, grease and grime around your bathroom or kitchen.
  • The body is made of highly durable material which provides long lasting life of the brush.
  • The ergonomically shaped long handle fits perfectly in the hand, makes it easy to apply pressure while scrubbing tough tasks.

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MR.SIGA Multi-Purpose Silicon Squeegee

  • ERGONOMIC & STREAK FREE: MR.SIGA professional squeegee with ergonomic design creates maximum cleaning performance with minimum effort. Flexible yet durable silicon blade easily removes soap scum, water drops and limescale but leaves NO streaks. Simply add water and cleaner to a surface with a few wipes and it will give you a pristine shine with NO streaks left behind. Its lightweight design also keeps your arm from becoming fatigued quickly .
  • DURABLE & LONG LASTING: MR.SIGA shower door squeegee is made to last, it's constructed with a 10 inch silicon blade, strong ABS body and TPR covered non slip handle, it won't slip out of your grasp even when wet. 10 inch silicone blade allows for a fast and convenient cleaning with streak free results and ensures much longer lifespan than rubber blade.
  • VERSATILE CLEANING TOOL: MR.SIGA multi-purpose squeegee is great for cleaning windows, shower doors, car windshield, tile, fogged mirrors, glasses, countertop, patios and more flat or rippled surfaces with our flexible yet strong silicon blade.

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N95 Masks (2 Pack)

  • Head Loop closure
  • WRAP AROUND HEAD N95 RESPIRATOR MASK: This is a NIOSH APPROVED N95 RESPIRATOR MASK with a two-headband strap design. The double elastic head straps are soft and gentle to eliminate the pressure behind the ears compared with the style with the ear strap behind the ear, this head rope will be more comfortable, better airtightness and the tightness will be safer than the ear elastic style mask even when worn for a long time.

July 7, 2022 - No Comments!

Roach Magnet

  • Attracts and traps roaches using Exclusive Pheromone Technology
  • Also traps ants, spiders, scorpions, centipedes, silverfish, crickets & Palmetto bugs
  • Traps use no poisons
  • Includes 12 roach traps