About Us

The Tribal Healthy Homes Network team has a mission and that is to educate and empower tribal communities, enabling them to build healthy homes, prevent disease and promote wellness.

Our Mission...

is to promote healthy tribal homes, families and communities, by bridging tribes with one another, and by serving as a clearinghouse for technical support, program guidance, resources, and funding.

Our Philosophy...

centers around the belief that one of the most expensive, harmful and intractable environmental challenges stems from the contaminants found in the indoor environment and ambient air. These contaminants are a contributing factor to the epidemic of asthma and lung diseases among American Indian/Alaska Native populations.

Our Challenge...

is to critically examine the underlying policies that contribute to the problem (housing, public health, economic development, energy), dialogue and partner with leaders in those sectors, then collectively work to develop cost-effective, evidence-based, sustainable programs and practices.

Our Team

Gillian Mittelstaedt, DrPH

Executive Director

Aileen Gagney

Technical Advisor and Trainer

Tina Ross

Project Assistant

Krysta Thornton

Toolkit Fulfillment Coordinator

Want to get in touch?

Have a specific question? Want to learn more about trainings in your area? Interested in hearing about funding opportunities? We would love to hear from you! Shoot us a quick email with your questions or comments.

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