Air Matters

A comprehensive toolkit aimed to educate, teach, and empower residents about indoor air quality issues. The air matters program is the first step towards engagement at both the individual and community levels.

AIR MATTERS Program Components

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The AIR MATTERS toolkit is a pre-assembled set of 11 different tools that promote home health and safety by educating and engaging residents. It includes culturally-tailored messages designed to engage residents, giving them cues on how to protect themselves from health and safety hazards. The tools in the kit either measure or control and abate contaminants, and target behaviors that are feasible and within a resident’s locus of control, such as humidity, dust-mite antigens, and household cleaning products.

The kit is not intended to replace the evidence-based practices that are the national standard for outreach, including the “Asthma Home Visit” model, or the “Healthy Home Checklist”. Rather, the kit is intended to advance the efficacy of these practices, by moving residents along the continuum from education to empowerment, and from knowledge to action.

These kits can be customized with specific tools for your residents and families.

  • Hygrometer
  • Digital Wood Moisture Meter
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Green Cleaning Kit
  • Surface Mold Removal Kit
  • Non-Toxic Pest Traps
  • Lead Paint Detection Kit
  • Radon Gas Detection Kit
  • Allergen Free Pillowcase
  • Cue Cards
  • Chimney Thermometer

Cue Cards

Each tool in the kit comes with a cue card that provides residents with information as to how and why to use each tool. Each cue card explains what the tool is, what it does, and how the resident can best implement the tool in their own home in an engaging and comprehensive fashion. 

Using clear and precise descriptions, the cue cards serve to educate residents on good indoor air quality practices, and empower them to implement the tools in their own home. Cue cards also provide specific tips on preventing and controlling common household contaminants. 

Each laminated card comes on a small, metal ring so that they may be hung in visible, accessible places throughout the home such as kitchen cabinets or hung on the fridge. 

Getting Started

To place a toolkit order, or to learn more about the AIR MATTERS program, please contact Krysta at or (800) 717-2118 x 4. You can also fill out the form below and we will get back to you promptly.

Technical Assistance

Along with our AIR MATTERS toolkits, we provide free technical assistance for your tribe/community. . Have a question about teaching a green cleaning class? Need some additional educational resources for your training? We are happy to provide you with extra materials, work plans, and additional resources to help implement our toolkit into your tribe/community.

AIR MATTERS Toolkit Training

In Person Training

In addition to technical assistance, we are able to provide on-site training for your tribal staff. Through our AIR MATTERS program, we are able to send a trained Healthy Home specialist to your tribe for a 1-2 day intensive, hands-on training session. This training is not included in the cost of your toolkit order.


Webinars are an affordable alternative to on-site training. THHN holds quarterly webinars, 90 minutes in length, focusing on a training topic selected by tribes. Guest panelists are specialists in their field and available as a resource after the webinars. To see examples of our previous webinars, or to replay and see the slides from any of these webinars, click on the icons below. We also invite you to suggest a topic that you would like us to feature, or to tell us about work you are doing that we can highlight on our next webinar.

Rush Orders

Generally, toolkits arrive 3 to 6 weeks after they are ordered. Orders are processed and filled in the order in which they are received. If a rush order is needed, we are happy to discuss a timeline with you, but please note that an additional fee will be applied to rush orders.


Per Kit (August): $198.58*

The price of the AIR MATTERS toolkit includes shipping, handling and tax. View the order form HERE! 

The cost of the AIR MATTERS toolkit may change periodically due to the fluctuating price of tools from our vendors. Your toolkit price will be based on the price when you place your order. If you would like to see a breakdown of the AIR MATTERS toolkit pricing please email us. 

NOTE: If you are a non-tribal organization, there will be a surcharge added to cover our organization’s time and labor. (Our time and labor filling tribal toolkits order are funded by an EPA grant). This includes an administrative flat fee of $115, and a 4% per kit charge for assembly.

Payment By Check or Credit Card 

Checks can be made out to:

Partnership for AIR MATTERS
7001 Seaview Ave. NW #160-899, Seattle, WA 98117

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*Please email us first prior to making a payment so we can go over your order with you

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