Breathe Easy at Home: A Web-Based Referral System Linking Clinical Sites With Housing Code Enforcement for Patients With Asthma

Educational Material | General | via: City of Boston

Online referral based program developed by Margaret Reid RN, Division of Healthy Homes and Community Support, Boston Public Health Commission.

Asthma, the most significant cause of pediatric morbidity and mortality, is exacerbated by adverse environmental conditions, especially substandard housing. The clinical care provider is often unable to address housing and environmental trigger issues. In Boston, Massachusetts, a web-based referral system called Breathe Easy At Home has been put in place, through which clinicians can refer patients to have their homes inspected for housing code violations that may be contributing to their asthma. Violations will then be brought to the attention of the landlord, who then has the option of redressing the issue or be taken to housing court. By bringing the local public health department, the city’s inspectional services department, and the clinical care provider together with the help of a program coordinator, Breathe Easy At Home is able to provide comprehensive care to asthma patients. This program also serves as a replicable model for other cities and jurisdictions to follow.