January 30, 2020 - Comments Off on Mold Policy Guide for Tribal Governments

Mold Policy Guide for Tribal Governments

Policy Approaches to Mold Prevention, Assessment and Abatement: State, Local and Tribal Examples for Tribal Government Consideration

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This briefing paper summarizes policy approaches to mold prevention, assessment and remediation and is intended to be a resource for tribes working to prevent and/or address mold in homes, workplaces, and other tribal buildings. Two tribal policy examples are provided, as well as numerous policies adopted by state and local governments. Many of these codes include useful guidelines, technical standards and evidence-based approaches that could be modified and adapted by tribes to suit their specific needs and priorities. Reviewing these model codes may provide a starting point for tribes considering policy approaches to mold. Additionally, conversations with different tribal departments may yield insights into the “fit” of different policy levers. Consider inviting members of your Board or Council, Housing Authority board members, Housing Department management, Housing maintenance staff, Resident Services staff or your Planning team to the table. Facility maintenance management and staff, inspectors, and workplace safety crew would be useful as well. Environmental, Air Quality, Public health and Tribal Clinic staff may be not only interested, but may also lead the collaboration necessary to develop mold policy.     

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