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N95 Masks (2 Pack)


Facial masks with 95% filtration efficiency.

For orders or questions, please contact Krysta at kthornton@thhnw.org or (800) 717-2118 x 4.


  • Head Loop closure
  • WRAP AROUND HEAD N95 RESPIRATOR MASK: This is a NIOSH APPROVED N95 RESPIRATOR MASK with a two-headband strap design. The double elastic head straps are soft and gentle to eliminate the pressure behind the ears compared with the style with the ear strap behind the ear, this head rope will be more comfortable, better airtightness and the tightness will be safer than the ear elastic style mask even when worn for a long time.

Additional information

Weight 0.0424 lbs
Dimensions 1.319 × 1.05 × 0.2675 in

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