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MR.SIGA Heavy Duty Scrub Brush


Tough scrubbing brush for difficult to clean areas.

For orders or questions, please contact Krysta at kthornton@thhnw.org or (800) 717-2118 x 4.



  • MR.SIGA heavy duty scrub brush is great for cleaning bathroom, kitchen, tiles, garage, bristles are firm enough to stand up after sustained use, efficiently clean dirts, grease and grime around your bathroom or kitchen.
  • The body is made of highly durable material which provides long lasting life of the brush.
  • The ergonomically shaped long handle fits perfectly in the hand, makes it easy to apply pressure while scrubbing tough tasks.

Additional information

Weight 0.34 lbs
Dimensions 3.15 × 1.375 × 1.97 in

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