Circuit – Rider Training:

In addition to providing short courses, we are also able to provide on-site training for your tribal staff. Through our circuit-rider program, we can send a trained indoor air or building science specialist to your tribe for a 1-2 day intensive, hands-on training session.

Short Courses:

Several times a year, THHN hosts a one to two day healthy home training session, often in conjunction with larger conferences for tribal environmental, housing or health care professionals. While the core curriculum stays the same, we tailor the training materials to meet the needs of our specific audience. To see agendas and examples of previous short courses, click on the icons below. We also encourage you to look to our colleagues who provide similar training, including the Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals and the National Center for Healthy Housing.


Webinars are an affordable alternative to on-site training. THHNW holds quarterly webinars, 90 minutes in length, focusing on a training topic selected by tribes. Guest panelists are specialists in their field and are also available as a resource after the webinars. To see examples of our previous webinars, or to replay and see the slides from any of these webinars, click on the icons below. We also invite you to suggest a topic that you would like us to feature, or let us know about special projects your tribe is working on so we can highlight your work on our next webinar!