Renovating, Reparing or Building Tribal Homes? Top 10 Healthy Building Materials You Can Begin Using Today

Training | Home Maintenance

Webinar date: October 25, 2011

Tribal housing authorities want to build healthy, safe, durable homes, but staying on budget and on schedule has its own set of challenges. Sorting through the dozens of different green and healthy building programs and practices can be overwhelming.  At the same time, there’s an ever-present need to keep the families in your tribal community safe from housing-related contaminants and harms.  This webinar focuses on practical, reasonably-priced healthy building materials that your tribe can readily incorporate into its repairs, renovations and new construction.


Thor Peterson - Green building educator and former Research Director for the Cascadia Green Building Council

Doug Kennedy - Northwest pioneer in bringing indoor air quality into construction practices

Alaska and Washington HUD staff - Northwest Office of Native American Programs.

Watch webinar presentations by Thor Peterson, Doug Kennedy and Tom Carney

Watch webinar presentation by David Vought