Using Assessment Tools to Investigate Health and Safety in Tribal Homes

Training | General

Webinar date: October 1, 2012

Assessment tools can help you gather information, evaluate risk, and establish priorities for repair, remediation and intervention. There’s a range of assessment tools however, each of which serve different purposes. Some are at a very detailed level suitable for a home inspector, some are geared toward the health practitioners addressing specific concerns such as asthma triggers, and other are more general for a resident. This webinar will explore these different tools, with tribal and agency panelists discussing:

What are the most effective tools for assessing health and safety risks in a home?
What is the HUD Healthy Home Rating Tool (HHRT)?
Which tools require training?
How can you best utilize Tenant/Resident Checklists that are self-administered?
What tools are favored by Housing Inspectors? By Energy Auditors?
How do Health Care Practitioners use checklists? How do they use the data?


Aileen Gagney - Environmental and Lung Health Program Manager, American Lung Association

Eric Hornbuckle - Special Assistant to the Director, Office of Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Control, Housing and Urban Development

Rebecca Morley - Executive Director, National Center for Healthy Housing

Jerry Hause - Cowlitz, BPI-Certified Energy Auditor